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3 Tips when Buying a Full Face Snorkel Mask

A full face snorkel mask is an integral item of your snorkel gear. Through this, you can see what’s beneath the sea in full view. The purpose of snorkel masks are to provide protection to the eyes from any object that could harm you when you dive and also, to the water itself. Because it is an important item, it is necessary to pick the best mask in the market. Any high quality and well designed mask is something that should make it fit to face easily, feels right, no water gets inside and last but not the least, does its job of letting you see clearly underwater.

When it comes to choosing your full face snorkel mask, there are few points that should be taken into account like the following:

Number 1. Lenses – among the integral elements that you have to be aware of when buying a snorkel mask is its capability of letting you see underwater. For this reason, you have to base your decision as well on the formation and measurement of lens. You may buy multiple, twin or single lens configuration but, the shape of lens, special coating and glass specification are other options you can get.

Single lens can make the more open as they don’t have frames running across the bridge of your nose.

With single lens, it is hard to replace for prescription corrections.

When it comes to twin lens snorkel masks, you can have a prescription lens replacement. You can easily fit it as part of the frame.

Multiple lens on the other hand have window panel for each side of mask in order to make it brighter and more comfortable.

Number 2. Internal volume – like the lenses, the mask’s internal volume plays an important role too when buying one. The volume is your confirmed airspace that’s made once the mask is sealed to your face. The internal volume will be subjected to compression as the diver starts diving in the water. There are a lot of people who actually prefer masks with lower volume as it’s more comfortable to wear.

Number 3. Mask angle – a lot of people don’t notice it but, angle of the mask is vital aspect of the full face snorkel mask too. There are lots of snorkel masks that don’t have the same angle because of the reason that the face is scraped at the bottom. This is advantageous as it helps in reducing internal mask volume while improving the lower field view. As soon as the mask angle is raked, the frame moves back to the cheek bones and for that, looking downward is a lot easier.

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